A Friendly Wager

My friend, Daniel, has thrown a challenge my way.

"We will definitely have to put a friendly wager on this game. I don't have any ideas, so if you, (or any of your faithful readers) can think of any fun and fair wagers, I'm all ears. Be fair to yourself, Jason, because you'll be the one paying up."

He is under the delusion that the Cheaters (some people call them the Patriots) are going to win Super Bowl XLII against the smokin' hot playing of the New York Giants. I fully intend to take his wager but as he pointed out we are in need of a fun and creative wager between us. That's where everyone else comes in. Got any suggestions?


  1. pistols at 50 paces?

    cucumbers at 10?

    toilet bowl brushes at 3?

    How about you let the winner write a post for the losers blog?

  2. The loser must post a pic of himself in a dress/makeup?

  3. Oooh... The loser must spend a day volunteering for Hillary's local campaign office... Not to do any real work, of course, but mostly just to endure mindless leftist all day. :D

  4. Now, Brooke, we're not looking for cruel and unusual punishment. The dress/makeup is creative, the Hillary campaign is just plain wrong!!!

  5. ewww Brooke....you're such a sadistic one...

    The loser must post a pic of himself in a dress/makeup?

    this might help Guiliani

  6. So I've been told, EB. >:)

  7. 1. Determine favorite song for both.

    2. The winner decides which song the loser must sing, this will be videotaped and posted on both contestants blogs for all to see.

    3. Go Giants

  8. So I've been told, EB. >:)

    Which...you're a sadist or the dress thing will help Rudy?

  9. Go Pats!
    I like Joe gringo's idea!

  10. These have me laughing so hard because I can't wait to see Jason in a dress/makeup with a Hillary campaign sign singing, "If I Were A Rich Man" from Fiddler On The Roof!

  11. Oh boy!!! Now I'm laughing too! I'm sure we've only scratched the surface of the imaginations of the people that visit here. There's bound to be many more options in another week or so. Let's leave our options open as I can't stand the thought of hearing and seeing you sing "I'm a Little Tea Cup" in Madonna's wire bra.

  12. I have two ideas.

    The loser shaves his head!

    A million bucks!

  13. Ok....you are oh so right, Jason. I will try not to feel badly for you, my friend. I will be sure to email your boss and have him/her view your cross-dressing proclivities on your blog after losing...

  14. i say give the amount of money you might have otherwise bet to charity.

    as for superbowl sunday...what a waste of good time.

    all betting says is, "i'm taking something from you that doesn't belong to me!"

    take the dimples out of your couches or lazyloungers and get out and do something that will make a difference!

    i know two rival families who actually have gone out for the past 20 years and had an actual game of touch football every super bowl sunday - when it's all said and done - well, let's just say they're all in better shape for it.



    okay, if you must, i'll just turn my back because y'all'll be behind me.

  15. Hey Daniel -- how do you feel about tattoos? Maybe something like Eli Manning's goofy face on your thigh?! HAHAHAHAHA

  16. The Patriots helmet on your arm?

  17. Sorry, my arm is already taken up with Winnie the Pooh -- no kidding!

  18. Wow...that was information that noone out here would've guessed. You are either the biggest sissy in the world, or the toughest man alive....you have my vote for a tough guy, cuz I couldn't pull of a "Winnie The Pooh" tattoo on my arm!! Hat-tip, my friend!

  19. Yeah I'm quite fierce!!! LOL!!!

  20. Don't tell anyone, but I have no room to talk. I have a tattoo of a puppy chasing a butterfly and a rainbow on my back. What can I say...

  21. I was just joking! I have no such tattoo on my back!

  22. C'mon people....let's hear your ideas!

  23. You may have scared them away with your puppy/butterfly/rainbow tattoo!!! Blog readers are so fickle sometimes! HeeHeeHee!!!

  24. lol..the Giants have it in the bag..play truth or dare!

  25. here's a picture of the tatoo on my arm

  26. I'm sure when I get older the crown of thorns will look a lot more like a picket fence

  27. I am still in favor of Jason putting on one of Kim's dresses and singing a song...maybe, "Stuck On You," by Lionel Ritchie? It would be posted here, my blog, and perhaps YouTube....brilliant idea if you ask me....

  28. Sorry, Kim's dresses would be a little small for me. Maybe I could borrow one of your dresses if I lose!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  29. Mine will definately be too small...nice try....you have a week before the game, so why don't you go down to Goodwill and strat trying a few on...maybe you'll find one that goes with your eyes!

  30. And how many dresses do you own?

  31. LOL! Oops.....uh...next question, please.

  32. Considering that any good CSI unit could lift prints off of the helmets of the Rams after Super Bowl 36 and prove conclusively that there were a lot of uncalled face-masking calls against the Patriots that should have been called, don't believe for a second that superior play will give the Giants an edge against the Pats.

    I want the Giants to win, but I'm skeptical of that happening.

  33. It will be the Pats.....AGAIN!

  34. Take note that the Giants are still ahead in my poll at the top. Having some of the most brilliant minds of this age among those who read here it certainly must be a good sign for the Giants. Sorry Pats, it's back to New England with your tail tucked!!!

  35. I was hoping you wouldn't go there...perhaps if you took everyone who voted for the Giants and put their brains toagther....you would still have half a brain.

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