Merry Christmas

It is only four days until Christmas and I just finished my address labels for Christmas cards. Hopefully they will be sent tomorrow along with gifts for our family far and away. At least this year we made it before Spring! Sad, but true. Our timing is not the best, but our intentions are indeed pure. We love our family very much! I'm going to try to add a picture this time...no promises how that will go. If it doesn't work in the next five minutes, I'll try again another time.


Snow in Missouri!

It snowed yesterday. Officially on the record books, Kansas City received 0 inches of snow. But in the little town of Belton, Missouri, we received about 6 inches. This was after the freezing rain and ice...so it's slicker than snot on a glass doorknob. The girls and I have played outside twice now. They love to eat the snow and make snow angels. They even like jumping flat on their faces. This, of course, freezes their faces, but they love doing it all the same. Then, with fingers and toes freezing, we go in for hot cocoa. What a fun tradition. I'll try to post pictures later (last time it took me 20 min. to post 1 pic.). Ari's statement was the best..."It snowed! Do you know what that means? It means it's Christmas!!!"