Branson Here We Come!!!

Our girls are so excited because they are going to Branson with Grandma & Grandpa this week. We are happy for our girls to have grandparents that love them so much.


Kim's New Job

Kimberly is now the music teacher for the new school building in Belton. It is going to be called Eastside Elementary and will open in the Fall. This will be a big change for her as she will be going from 5th & 6th grade to kindegarten through 4th grade. Along with this change comes the opportunity to have our girls in Kim's school which will make transportation issues and schedule issues much easier for us. The principal was thrilled to be able to get Kim for the new elementary. Kim has already worked under her before and they get along real well. All in all this should be a great transition for Kim and for our family.


My Wife - My Hero

Congratulations are in order for my best friend and greatest hero -- my wife!!! Today she received an offer of a new job that she has sought after. Details cannot be told quite yet, but this is a great opportunity and a real vote of confidence in her abilities as the best music teacher in our great state. I am so very proud!!!


Life With Twins

For those of you who have never had twins in your life we offer our heartfelt condolences. The wonders of two small humans with identical DNA are beyond imagination. We have the privilege of enjoying one child who loves pink with every fiber of her being. Here are some other observations concerning her: justice, kindness, tenderness, laughter, brilliance, caretaker, not forgetful, and unforgettable. Our other child that we have the privilege of enjoying is quite simply a powerhouse of individuality. Other observations are: boldness, kindness, loyalty, brilliant, fierce, showman, loving, and lovable. Identical DNA does not at all make identical beings. So much of our society labels people's potential and possibilities on what degree they hold or what neighborhood they're from or what their appearance is. Even the core make-up of our beings (DNA) cannot confine the possibilities of our lives. Our girls are as different as day and night thanks to Him who is able to do immeasureably more than all we can ask or imagine!