Let's Dance

My little darlings already think they are balerina's so we decided it was fitting for them to actually learn how to dance. So we signed them up for beginning ballet, tap and acrobatics. They love class and are excited every time they do something new. Here is a pic of our little dancing darlings.


Saturday at Home

Our family spent a lazy day together today. Kim had a bit of a fever and so I cancelled my planned day of shooting down in Holden and stayed home to watch the girls. What I gave up in a day out with the guys was repayed three-fold by getting to play with my girls all day and work on cleaning the house. There wasn't any one event or happening that really stands out but it made for a great day. May everyone reading this get to have an unexpected day with their family doing nothing. Better yet, plan one soon and see what a great time it will be.

-- Jason