5 Things I dig about Jesus

OK, so I am quietly going about my peaceful voting for my little bros band and perusing various blogs that I haven't seen in a while when I realize that I have been tagged. Well, I'd better get up on this one!

1 - He was a regular guy in a spectacular way. How many times people alluded to the carpenter's son and wonder how he could possibly be the chosen one.

2 - He was never afraid to speak the truth no matter where or when. Especially when it was unpopular to do so.

3 - He covers all my sin on every level.

4 - His ministry began at the opportune moment and lasted just a few years. This gives me hope that I have not missed my "calling" and that the parts of my life that are not in the limelight are just as important.

5 - He's preparing a place...the ultimate hope and joy that life on earth is just the beginning...not the beginning and the end.

I'll leave Jason to make his own 5 and count him as being my tag



The frank family is having lots of adjustments right now. Our friends the potters just moved to Michigan (their last family pic in front of their house is above). This has been hard on all of us...we will miss them very much.

I (Kim) am switching to a new school in the fall. I had to say goodbye to the many friends I have at Mill Creek (the old school took my keys yesterday) . I am really looking forward to working with K-4 at Kentucky Trail Elementary, but will miss my friends :(
I am also, beginning my Master's degree on June 5 with Baker University. I'll add their logo on another day. This will mean that I have a lot of work to do and the Jason and the girls will be saying goodbye to mommy every Tuesday night for the next 18 months.
This has been a lot of transition at one time. On the bright side...it's now summer time and I should get plenty of R&R before teaching summer school in July. That is, if the girls stop waking up between 5 and 6 am every day.