5 Things I dig about Jesus

OK, so I am quietly going about my peaceful voting for my little bros band and perusing various blogs that I haven't seen in a while when I realize that I have been tagged. Well, I'd better get up on this one!

1 - He was a regular guy in a spectacular way. How many times people alluded to the carpenter's son and wonder how he could possibly be the chosen one.

2 - He was never afraid to speak the truth no matter where or when. Especially when it was unpopular to do so.

3 - He covers all my sin on every level.

4 - His ministry began at the opportune moment and lasted just a few years. This gives me hope that I have not missed my "calling" and that the parts of my life that are not in the limelight are just as important.

5 - He's preparing a place...the ultimate hope and joy that life on earth is just the beginning...not the beginning and the end.

I'll leave Jason to make his own 5 and count him as being my tag

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