Let's Dance

My little darlings already think they are balerina's so we decided it was fitting for them to actually learn how to dance. So we signed them up for beginning ballet, tap and acrobatics. They love class and are excited every time they do something new. Here is a pic of our little dancing darlings.


Yehudi01 said...

They're beautiful little girls, Jason...you are clearly blessed. I know you are leaving a fantastic legacy of faith to your family. Well done.

Michael said...

This is sweet.

Mine likes to sing. All the time. When she runs out of songs, she starts making some up spontaneously.

Isn't 4 a great age?

The Frank Family said...

I love 4. Where do you guys live?

Michael said...

We're in the Galil, northern Israel.

4 is a great age. When mine turned 4, she told me, "Abba, now I am a 4, and a 4 can do everything by herself!"

The Frank Family said...

So, I see children in Israel and children in the US are not so far apart after all! With two girls that are four I hear a lot of the word "myself." Thanks for stopping by again. I've been enjoying your blog as well.