A Red Letter Day

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

I am ecstatically thankful that at least 5 of our Supreme Court Justices have mustered the common sense that the common man has had for over 200 years. Thank you!!!


Z said...

well said. Miracles DO happen!!

EDGE said...

Somewhere, Heston is smiling.

nanc said...


this is the best news of this century!

not that we had anything to worry about...no REGISTERED guns...and all...

of course i also look at this as a ploy by dhimmicrats to drag in a few fencesitters to their side - that was alluded to at another site i frequent. stranger things have happened.

WomanHonorThyself said...

didnt have your email Frank but wanted to tell ya I can't thank you enough for your comfort and support at a time like this.The comments were lovely.
Hope to be back in the saddle by Sunday..Good Lord willing.Thanks for not forgettin me!

Brooke said...

Isn't it amazing that leftards think that this particular sentence, and the positioning of the comma in the sentence is the only place in the entire Constitution that those 'hack' Framers messed up?


Thank goodness that our Rights were protected yesterday, but it is frightening that four out of nine 'justices' do not understand the words of our Founding Fathers.

cube said...

It was a shockingly close vote, but thank goodness we won.

brooke:Four out of nine justices do understand the words of our Founding Fathers. These people aren't stupid. They have an agenda to disregard those words.

Anonymous said...

I fear this marks only the beginning of a concerted ACLU effort to distort the meaning of the Constitution and complete destruction of the 2nd Amendment. Now fools will rush in where brave men feared to tread.

Anonymous said...

Those four justices see the Constituion as a living document. Ever changing. Not meant to be contrued today as it was then.

But yes, this is a victory to be celebrated.

Jason...purple's up!

Anonymous said...

At least "we the people" won ONE damned argument in this miserable court! Now we can shoot the same terrorists who've been MIRANDIZED!


Bar Kochba said...

Gun control always leads to tyranny.

Papa Frank said...

You are so right BK. Every evil leader you can think of has been in favor of gun control. And those in favor of gun control have a predisposition towards becoming evil leaders. The second that government stops governing for the people and seeks to control the people is the second that they need replaced in a bad way.

Anonymous said...

We got mighty lucky on that one.

Elmers Brother said...

here's somthing interesting that I found:

The recent Supreme Court ruling striking down a ban on handgun
ownership in Washington, D.C., touched off a maelstrom of
negative media reports about how the ruling would lead to
more gun violence.


The 32-year ban on handguns in our Nation’s Capital was one of the strictest, yet the District has been widely labeled "the murder capital of the country". Why didn't the media analyze that?

Just after the ruling, The N.Y. Times used a misleading statistic
to bolster their argument.

"Thirty-thousand Americans are killed by guns every year --
on the job, walking to school, at the shopping mall. The Supreme Court on Thursday all but ensured that even more Americans will die senselessly with its wrongheaded and dangerous ruling striking down key parts of the District of Columbia's gun-control law."

The Times failed to mention that nearly half of the 30,000 deaths are suicides. The paper also didn’t look at how many of those homicides were the result of self-defense.

Instead, the Times, like its liberal network counterparts, lamented that the "far-right" court got it wrong, setting the stage for more violence and death.