DOW -299.64 -4.24%
NASDAQ -54.99 -3.99%
S&P 500 -34.27 -4.66%

I leave you with some bumper stickers I've seen lately.


Brooke said...

I'd put that last one on my car!

Chuck said...

I like the Broke one

I.H.S. said...

The last one has my vote.


Ducky's here said...

I suspect you folks know that unemployment is a trailing indicator.

In other words it will continue to rise for a quarter or so after the recession has bottomed.

Not that you care but I do like to offer facts in case the right wants to deal with reality.

Anonymous said...

You think the recession has bottomed out? It would be ok with me this time around if you were right. Down here it's starting to feel like living in a Steinbeck novel. But I don't see much hopeful going on at the moment.

Ducky's here said...

I believe we have a three legged stool here.

1. Financial sector insolvency. Geithner seems to be doing everything he can to avoid admitting major financial institutions are teats up and aren't coming back.

2. Housing. There is a proposal out there and right wingers will oppose it but they have no power right now. I am upset that Sheila Bair at the FDIC was ignored for so long and is still being ignored but there is some progress.

3. Keynesian stimulus. I think they got this reasonably, correct. In order to make a long term positive change we must invest in growth not consumption. The right doesn't understand this so they will be ignored, rightfully.

Papa Frank said...

Obama has done nothing but throw money into the rancid winds of change Ducky. The market knows a horrible idea when it sees one. It's that simple. Obama is CAUSING a depression by how pathetically he has responded to the recession. He is aiming for government dependence and I for one will not be dependent upon government. I will continue to work hard and be honest no matter how much they steal. I work hard and pay all my bills because that is simply the right thing to do. One day we'll have a conservative government again that appreciates things like that. We haven't had one since Reagan. We're due. You derail Reagan but he is the man who created the environment for business to thrive. Unfortunately it was Clinton who got the benefit of Reagan's work.

Anonymous said...

I like all

pastor tim said...


Anonymous said...

When I drive home now I see old men out picking up aluminum cans, walking by the road. I see young couples parked by the road with all kinds of things from their homes they are trying to sell. Just about every drive way has a car with a for sale sign in it. People I know are losing their jobs left and right. I know people who are working just for tips at restaurants because that's the only job they could find. Nothing seems to be working, things are getting worse. There doesn't seem to be much people can do about it and the government hasn't helped a bit as far as I can tell, not this one and not the last one. I hope the whole bunch of them rots. They're sitting pretty, having $489 snacks at the Ritz while the rest of us go to the devil.

I also hope, vehemently, that everybody who isn't feeling the heat, and is sitting back and enjoying watching other people lose their homes gets their share of sorrow in due time.

Papa Frank said...

I know what you mean, Hermit. We are somewhat insulated as we work for school districts but I have many friends that are out of work right now with no real prospects they can see. I sure hope that something will give soon but I fear that is not the case.

Ducky's here said...

GM heading for Chapter 11. Look for things to get worse for a while more.

Of course, Obama (to the right wing "mind" anyway) caused the GM bankruptcy in the space of two months.

Way bad news out of China also, but that's Obama's fault also.

Get ready folks, the ride has just started and we really appreciate your cooperation. Trying to ensure that this depression is as deep and long as possible is an outstanding patriotic gesture.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Obama caused all this. I think the government under Clinton and Bush "caused" it. I think the Republicans letting greedy businessmen rape us caused it, and I think the Democrats caused it by forcing banks to lend to people because they were "poor" even if they couldn't pay it back caused it. That's not of a lot of interest to most people right now. I think just handing out money to these worthless companies to keep them afloat is not going to help, I keep seeing massive inflation and worthless dollars in the future, but I don't know what to do myself.

Right now all the finger pointing is just background noise.

Anonymous said...

Papa Frank, I guess you're doing about all anyone can do. Try to hold things together and take care of the family.

cube said...

I like the BROKE one.

We're experiencing a slow down of work. The phones aren't ringing because our clients aren't getting
the volume of contracts to build buildings or refurbish tenant space. It is worrisome to see people who want to work not being able to find any.