The Use of Deadly Force

Take out a $100 bill. Let's make a bet. If I win the bet then I get your $100. If you win the bet then you get to keep your $100. Is that a good bet? That, my friends, is a gun fight. YOU RISK EVERYTHING AND YOU DON'T WIN ANYTHING. YOU JUST GET TO KEEP WHAT YOU HAVE. Gun fights should be avoided like the plague but if you find yourself in a gun fight then you will be happy that you have trained to win. It is not near enough to own a gun. The gun is only the tool. YOU must be the craftsman and know how to use that tool skillfully.

When is it justifiable to use deadly force?

You are universally justified in the use of deadly force when there is a reasonable fear of immediate or otherwise unavoidable danger of death or serious bodily injury to the innocent. All these factors must be present in order to justifiably use deadly force. Lacking any one or more of the key factors will result in a questionable use of deadly force and you will face the criminal and civil consequences.

REMEMBER: Gun fighting is risky business. You risk everything and you don't win anything. At best you just get to keep what you already have. Those of you out there who own guns and carry them for protection I would urge you to get out and train to win.


Z said...

What types of people were there, Pops...? mostly civilian types?

Glad you found it so informative.
If I had any gun knowledge at all, I'd probably be all OVER this stuff. I'd like to; we're thinking about it.

Yehudi said...

In today's litigious society, not only do you have to get the circumstances right in which you use deadly force, but you also have to be sure the force you use is deadly. Otherwise, though you were correct in your situational assesment, if they live, they will sue you for all you own. So sad.

Papa Frank said...

The real rub of it all is that there are not one but two forms of litigation. The criminal litigation is scary enough but the civil litigation is far more tricky. Depending on where you live you can be sued civilly by either a survivor OR the family of the person who was killed.

Papa Frank said...

Z -- the people there were very common people for the most part. There were many military people and law enforcement people but the majority were blue collar ladies and gentlemen like myself. There were as many young folks as older folks. There was maybe a 1 to 2 ratio of female to male. Some people there had never handled a gun at all and many did not own a gun. If you are interested in possibly getting a gun I would highly recommend this training for you to get an idea if it is for you or not. I'd even fly out and take the training with you, my friend.

I.H.S. said...

I would agree 100% for training of any person looking to own a gun.

Great advice Papa, thanks.


The Merry Widow said...

The interesting thing is, most people who have CCP's ARE LESS likely to commit violence over something small.

It has to be a case of life or death...or maiming or rape.
I haven't had training, wish I could, but I am prepared to defend what I have, and that includes my 2!
G*D bless and MARANATHA!


Z said...

Thanks, Pops...I'm thinking about it.
Can't imagine what fun we'd have...maybe we'd invite I.H.S..ya think!? What a BLAST!!

Papa Frank said...

The more the merrier!!!

Anonymous said...

P.F. I saw something on Rawle's blog about Gun Site being in some sort of trouble and being sold out to new owners. Do you know anything about that?

Anonymous said...

I meant "Front Site."

Papa Frank said...

From the best that I can tell from the research I've done on it the ownership hasn't changed and isn't in question. They were the defendant of a class action lawsuit from a group of the first members. Originally they were selling 1 acre lots for $175,000 and planned to set up an entire community complete with a school and a landing strip. Things went bad with the contractor that they had because he didn't acquire proper permits and an environmental agency got involved. They ended up settling with the group that was suing them and they went after the contractor in an attempt to cut their losses. That's the only legal troubles that I am aware of. That's not to say that I know or understand the entire story. If you come across better information please let me know as my brother and I became lifetime members while we were there.

Z said...

geeeZ! Every time I come to your blog to see what's new, I have a GUN staring me in the face! HELP!!


Papa Frank said...

I'll get something new tonight or tomorrow. It's a little deal about the 2nd amendment and how we've fought the wrong fight over it for too long.

Ducky's here said...

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Brooke said...

Training and regular range time is a must.

Good post, as always.

Yehudi said...

Ducky, you're a moron and that has nothing to do with this post.

Jason, haven't heard from you in awhile...hope all is well with you guys! Email or call if you need anything...