Red Stripe, Blue Moon, and the White House

How many beers does it take to solve a dispute falsely labeled a race issue? If you find yourself in a dispute maybe you too can go drinking with the President of the free world. We'll just call it diplomacy for dummies (or drunks).


cube said...

I'm afraid the president acted stupidly on this non-racial incident blown up into a falsely-labeled racial incident. One more misstep by the BO administration.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Diplomacy for dummies... and WE are the dummies being targetted. The Beer Summit was a PR ploy specifically designed to shore up support w/the demographic elitist BHO and his prissy prof have the most trouble with - average working stiffs... firemen and cops.

After all, Gates & BHO are just a couple of average, beer drinkin' workin' guys... right?

Always On Watch said...

This official White House photo tells the tale of BHO's narcissism and selfishness.

Z said...

Am I the only dope who thought "let's have a beer" was patronizing?
And then there's the picture of Crowley gently helping Gates down the White House steps while Obama saunters ahead ...what a sad moment where he could have helped his friend instead.
Move on, folks...this is ALL POLITICS, that's ALL OBAMA'S ABOUT.

Good to see you posting again, Pops...you were missed.

Brooke said...

There isn't enough beer on the planet.

If I were that cop, I'd have told Obama that I was busy.

'Eff him.

Papa Frank said...

As always, I am so on your side Brooke!!!

Z -- this is such an elitist administration wrapped up in a "common man" costume. All photo op and no substance.

Elmers Brother said...

btw I love Blue Moon