Just In Case

Just in case ANYONE in the blogmosphere still remembers me I am alive. ;0)


topher1kenobe said...

Yay! You're back! Welcome back to the internet. :)

Chuck said...

Hope all is well.

Z said...

I've missed you very much, i was so pleased to see your comment. God's biggest blessings to you and the family. Please stick around..xxx
Do you know I lost my Mr. Z last year?

Jen said...

How could we forget you?
I hope you're doing well...it's so good to see you around again!

Papa Frank said...

Well thank you friends for remembering me. Yes Z....I was still around at that time. Still very sorry for your loss of an amazing man.

Papa Frank said...

THIS is where I have been.


Brooke said...

A whole year off?!?

Good to see you again. Let's make it more often!

Papa Frank said...

No promises but I will certainly try. Great to see you Brooke. ;0)

windypoo said...

Oh, Papa! Silly you for thinking we forgot you! I, as much as anyone, recognize that Life can sure get in the way of a lil ol' blog =)

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sue hanes said...

Papa Frank - I have missed you and thought of you from time to time.

I have never forgotten that you said something nice about me - when that was not a common occurence.

I hope all is well with you.

(Strange that I should mention this, but I also remember that you are fond of your guns. :=)

-FJ said...

You have been missed. :)

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