Little Princesses on Safari

Tonight our girls decided that they were going to go on safari. Using 4 year old logic, far superior to our adult cluttered logic, they determined that the best way to do that was dressed as princesses. What we have here is the result. In case you are detail oriented, the safari cost three dollars each which they paid in puzzle pieces. Many animals were found and enjoyed. No animals were harmed. May we all look at life and eachother with 4 year old logic from time to time! Peace, friends!


Michael said...

You've got a couple of real cuties there. My 4yr old also loves to dress as a princess. And this week, she wants to be Sleeping Beauty when she grows up (last week was Cinderella).

And using her powerful 4yr old logic, she has never lost and argument. Except at bedtime

The Frank Family said...

Aren't 4 year olds fun? Arianwyn is usually Princess Ariel and Jessica has been Sleeping beauty lately. Little girls are truly a blessing from God! I have so much to learn from them still.