New Voting Machine

In an attempt to keep this man out of the 2008 election process Fisher Price has stepped up to the plate and come up with a voting machine for even the most simple-minded individuals among us.

********** FISHER PRICE -- DEMOCRACY MADE EASY **********


WomanHonorThyself said...

haha too cute!

Z said...

Ya, and we Republicans are going to be voting and feeling like we're pushing a round peg into a square hole, huh? Except our peg's pretty 'square'!!


Rhonda said...

oh this made me giggle this morning!

Jan said...

Jason, I still remember those pictures from another election!

Our little dog birthed some puppies while that was going on, and she was having great difficulty with one, which was half-in and half-out, and required some help from me to extricate him from his hanging position.

Yep..we named him Chad! LOL

Btw..I think we could use a few of those voting machines here, today!

Brooke said...

That might work for those droolers at the polls.

Jungle Mom said...

I agree with 'x'.

Anonymous said...

Based on my experience with standardized testing, I can think of certain ethnic groups which would protest this voting method, as it was clearly derived from a culture not in tune with inner city juevenile life experience.

cube said...

lol! I think the South Florida libs will still have trouble with this.

My husband says that we aren't far from the day when we will all be considered democrats until we go to the voting booth & change the vote. The rationale being: You don't want to disadvantage disadvantaged voters by having to
make them actually go to the polls & vote. This way is so much easier.

Z said...

jan...what a great story about CHAD...super name considering the circumstances!

I had hoped I'd never have to see that bulging eyed chad specialist again, but here he is. Let's hope he's not there in Nov 2008....tho I have a creepy feeling it could even be worse this year.