November 5th, 2008


Z said...

this is exactly how I feel, Pops. Bye bye, Miss American Pie....I've been singing that the last few days and now it really happened.


Chuck said...

While Obama can, and likely will, do some damage to our country, nop man can destroy it. We will keep on keeping on.

nanc said...

just think of the dishin' we'll be able to do for the next four years! we'll be able to give him the same amount of respect this potus has been given and not be called racist, because hey, we're not a racist nation anymore...does that mean entitlement programs will be cut?


i awakened with a new zest for life, p.f.

heidianne jackson said...

i'm energized. this song is so apropo, but i'm with nanc.

cube said...

I'm trying to remain philosophical about this... I survived one Carter term and two Clinton terms, and I will survive this too.

This too shall pass.