Common Ground

It seems that Papa Frank and Obama have finally found some common ground. When asked about Kanye West's latest outburst of idiocy Obama made the poignant observation that Kanye West is a jackass. For a small moment here I am proud of you Mr. President.


Brenda Jean said...

I still can't believe he was nasty to Taylor Swift. My gosh, the girl is the definition of sweet and cheerful. You have to be a BIG ass to ruin her moment. Well, she will have TONS of other moments- he will hopefully have VERY VERY few after this. Idiot.

Papa Frank said...

Here's Kanye's response:

“President Bush didn’t care about black people. President Obama is black and he still doesn’t care about black people. He called me an jackass. Well, at least I can get something reformed. I can get myself reformed. Put me in charge of health care and the whole system will be working inside a week. Print that.”

Chuck said...

Idiot rapper. I know, redundant.

Ducky's here said...

No biggy. Kanye was due to be on the Jay Leno prime time premier the next day. Time for a stunt to spice up the ratings.

Subliminally it probably didn't hurt that the slender white girl was threatened by the rap singer.

The ad buyers for Leno were quite happy, believe me.

Brooke said...

Ducky, if anyone here is a racist it is you. You see it everywhere you go.

Kanye is a jackass. FINALLY Obama and I can agree on something.

I love his tone while saying it, too. :)

I know Kanye thinks he's Jesus Christ after that RS cover, but now he thinks he's an administrative genius, too?

As the president said, JACKASS!!!

I see his label told him to apologize and STFU. LOL!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Hey, isn't calling someone a jackass against San Fran Nan's new House rules?

Z said...

Ducky, it's such a gift you have to miss the point. Have you WORKED for the American media?

That A president would call anybody JACKASS irked me, but....it's not like he has dignity, anyway.
And, of course, HE WAS right.

Anonymous said...

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