I Am Proud Of Our School District

The Belton School District has received a number of inquiries regarding its plans for President Obama’s address to students on Sept. 8. In light of those inquiries, we have adopted the following plans.

The Belton School District will observe a normal school schedule on Sept. 8. No classrooms will view President Obama’s address live. The administration will view and tape the president’s address to American school children. The tape may be used in the future as a curriculum resource in appropriate classes. In that event, parents will be notified by teachers if they plan to use the tape in class. Parents may elect to remove their child during the viewing and discussion of the president’s talk. Students not participating will be assigned an alternative learning activity to cover the class objective for that day.

The tape of President Obama’s address will be available for parent check-out in every school library. Parents may check out the tape for home viewing with their children. If a group of parents would like to view the tape together with their children they may make arrangements to use a school library for that purpose.


Chuck said...

Good for them. To be honest, I'm not personally worried about it. My kids have already been inoculated against Obamitis so they will not get the disease.

Papa Frank said...

My girls are only 6 years old. They are certainly strong willed and know how to think and speak their own minds. However, they also like to please and have very high regards for teachers and what is taught in school. My hope is that this same sort of policy is going up all around the country so that a message gets sent to the Obama Gestapo.

Anonymous said...

This is good, Jason. I think a lot of schools in the hearland are doing the same thing. Our school didn't send out any information about it, so I'm going to call on Tuesday morning and find out what's up. My 9 yr old is a pleaser, too, and I'd rather her watch it at home with me so we can talk about it afterwards.

It's a teachable moment. I want her to see indoctrination in action.

Z has a link up that shows the pre and post speech activiy recommendations from the Dept. of Education. Pbthththt! It's creepy.

Brooke said...

This is the same tact our district will take. I called to make sure, and am very pleased by the answer.

Z said...

pops, you're in my Sunday Faith Blog. I hope you don't mind.
Fight on..have faith in America! Look what the parents in your district did! BRAVO!

Papa Frank said...

I don't mind at all, Z. Thanks for being a good friend.

Dr. Dave said...

What's interesting is that more and more school districts are doing the same across the country.

That really has to burn Ougger's bottom.

And I hope it really friggin' hurts.

Ducky's here said...

"There are a lot of the President's ideas that I wouldn't want my children discussing in a public school. It's not appropriate, the place for that is in the home."
-- Florida GOP press secretary Katie Gordon, on Obama's upcoming address to schoolchildren

But lady, if your kids can only learn from you, they might turn out like you and who wants that?

Go ahead - admit it.
The truth is you don't want some "ni**er ideas" in your kid's head.

Anonymous said...

Was Marx a ni**er"? If that's true, then you're right, mr. ducky. If not, then you're just a race baiting pr*ck.

Papa Frank said...

Ducky -- if you, or anyone else, ever uses the word "ni**er" on my blog again you will be deleted forever. Racism is disgusting and ugly and has no home here. It will not be used for any kind of argument much less for trying to imply an untruth.

Z said...

His ugly word can only be surpassed by his incredibly disgusting suggestion. That's low even for Ducky.

The leftwingers have to use the race card THIS HARD, they are SCARED WITLESS.

Papa Frank said...

I, too, was surprised Z. Ducky is usually quite civil. I enjoy contrasting opinions but have no tolerance for what he displayed here today.

beakerkin said...

I do not know about this one. I remember looking up as a young kid to Nixon speaking.

A general address to the nation's youth seems harmless enough.

I am unhappy with Obama and am attending the rally in DC on 9-12.
However, I still think it is a good idea if we respect the office and fight ideas.

I certainly do not want to become
a right wing version of the Bush equals Hitler crew.

The Duck is somewhat bothered by Obama throwing Van Jones to the sharks. His being a 9-11 truther, not a Maoist, did him in.

Ducky's here said...

I agree Frank, racism is disgusting and the reaction to Obama's simple address has been loaded with it.

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