Any Fantasy Football Players?

Here's my team this year:

Carson Palmer
(Cin - QB)

Marvin Harrison
(Ind - WR)

Santana Moss
(Was - WR)

Patrick Crayton
(Dal - WR)

Joseph Addai
(Ind - RB)

Maurice Jones-Drew
(Jac - RB)

Heath Miller
(Pit - TE)

Rob Bironas
(Ten - K)

(Jac - DEF)

Jared Allen
(Min - DL)


Salubrina said...

okay, i should preface this with a comment about our fantasy football commish is totally nuts. we pick individual players for the defense, too. we're supposed to have a developmental player, too, but i haven't picked one yet.

active players for week 2

matt hasselbeck - qb
earnest graham - flex rb-wr-te
julius jones - flex rb-wr-te
anquan boldin - flex rb-wr-te
john kasay - k
kyle vandenbosch - dl
lance briggs - lb
michael lewis - db
nate clements - flex dl-lb-db

on the bench...
j.t. o'sullivan - qb
ahman green - rb
ricky williams - rb
santana moss - wr
todd heap - te
randy mcmichael - te
mathias kiwanuka - dl
barrett ruud - lb

okay papa, lemme have it. any changes that i need to make to me lineup, lemme know. i won just barely last week, and i admit that i am a football idiot. but, i don't want my co-workers to know that i'm still a football idiot. :-)

help, if you dare.....uhh, i mean, if you can. :-)

Papa Frank said...

Wow! That's a completely different set-up. We play 1 QB, 3 WR's, 2 RB's, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Team Defense, 1 Defensive Player, and 6 players on the bench. I didn't list my bench players in the post. Looks like your choices SHOULD be the strongest form who you have. It's such a different set-up than we use. Good luck!!!

EDGE said...

Who's your backup QB?

Papa Frank said...

Chad Pennington. My league has 14 teams and so players, especially QB's, got a little thin. My wife has Matt Hasselbeck and Matt Ryan as her backup.

Salubrina said...

i did say that our commish was nuts.

the man is certifiable.

i offer up this as an example...

he loves to drink dr. pepper. when he drinks dr. pepper, it has to be cold, it has to be in a plastic bottle, and he has to listen to it fizzle for a couple of minutes until it is just right for him to drink it - i kid you not.

he changes up the league guildelines every year, in his ultimate attempt to make it more "realistic" - which i don't understand, it's not called "realistic football league" it's called "fantasy football league."

thanks for the well wishes. i need all the fantasy football help i can get. :-)

Z said...

um. Go, LAKERS!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Z.
Ditto that. Errr, Go Mavs!!

Sweetheart does the Fantasy Football thing, and I just don't get it. Whatever floats your boat, though. :-)

Jungle Mom said...

I have no clue...I follow REAL


nanc said...

let me think about it for awhile...NO. fantasy football players - what does that entail? imagining a football player in a thong or something?

she runs - she hides.