Joe Six-Pack American

Sarah Palin on receiving intense scrutiny from the MSM:

“Oh, I think they’re just not used to someone coming in from the outside saying you know what? It’s time that a normal Joe six-pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency, and I think that that’s kind of taken some people off guard, and they’re out of sorts, and they’re ticked off about it,” she said.

I have been called many things in my life. Some of them very honorable and some of them not quite so flattering. I've been called honest and loving. I've been called difficult. I've been called childish. I've been called a stubborn SOB. I've been called one who clings to my guns and religion. I've been called a conservative. And my favorite -- I've been called Papa. Never before have I been called a "normal Joe Six-Pack American." However, I will now wear the title with pride. That leads me to wonder which persuasion of Joe Six-Pack American are you?

Choice A:

Choice B:

Choice C:


Anonymous said...

Whoa ... are these the only choices? Wasn't Sam Adams a Democrat?

Papa Frank said...

Feel free to add your own brew! The truth is I couldn't find a picture of a six pack of Fat Tire which was my first choice.

nanc said...

me to pop:

when did your six-pack turn into a keg?

him to me:

when your fanny turned into a tranny!

Jungle Mom said...

By process of elimination, I must be choice c.

Papa Frank said...

I am certainly a choice C. This particular six pack is on a 340 'Cuda painted Hemi Orange. Mopar or no car!!!

Chuck said...

I'm with Muistang. I prefer good old common Bud light. No fancy imports or domestic brews for me. Although I admit, we did get an Irish beer one night that could change my loyalties.

Salubrina said...

tell ya what, i'll drink up choice b, and let you know about choice a in the morning? that cool with you?


Z said...

Could you send Choice A over to MY BLOG!?


Anonymous said...

Whoa, Jason.

Thanks to Brooke, I'll say Killians Irish Red, choice B.
Or Shiner Blond...cuz it's from Texas of course!

Shaina said...

I am A working on C with the company of B. Not really, but its possible.

Anonymous said...

Interesting concept.

Ducky's here said...

Make it a Sam Smith Pale Museum Ale and B is the only choice.

Ducky's here said...

I don't know about C Papa. I had a GTO back in the day. Had a rear end like Tina Turner, really squirrelly in the winter.

The Merry Widow said...

Does choice a do guy stuff around the house?
If he does, I'll take him!


Brooke said...

B. Definitely.


I love these sideways insults the MSM thinks we six-pack plebes are too stupid to get!

Papa Frank said...

Ducky -- LOL!

Z -- I've been to your blog hundreds of times!

TMW -- Very smart. You'll end up ahead in the end with that kind of attitude.

Salubrina -- What? No choice C?

Brooke -- I already had you down for a B before you even showed up.

Pinky -- don't even think you're going to beat me in the contest at Salubrina's.

Chuck -- I guess you saw the smiling Irish eyes?!

cube said...

I have enough A (Mr. Cube)

I have enough C (My X-Terra)

It's B that I keep running out of.