Vacation Memories

Arianwyn with her favorite "Princess." Arianwyn often corrects people when they call her Ari and says "No! I'm Princess Ariel." She was so thrilled to meet Ariel and it really made her whole day.

Jessica's favorite Princess is Princess Aurora. She is not overly fond of watching Sleeping Beauty and is not near as wrapped up in the person of Princess Aurora as Arianwyn is in Ariel. Her love is more tied to the color pink. Princess Aurora wears the pink dress and so in Jessie's eyes she is certainly the most beautiful. As you can see in this photo she was completely comfortable meeting the Princess and the two of them spoke as equals.

Kimberly wanted a photo with Mary Poppins. I love this picture as for me it holds the character with the most beautiful voice I have ever heard and the person with the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard.

I'm a bit of a foodie and so I love different eating experiences. We had the Disney dining plan and so we were able to try many restaurants that we would never have otherwise gone to due to cost. This is us at Teppan Edo in the Japan complex in the World Showcase at EPCOT. The teppanyaki style of cooking and eating is a great experience. It's fun to interact with the person cooking your food and to watch the work that goes into preparing it. It's also good to see how fresh the ingredients that you are about to consume are.

One of the girls favorite rides was the Carousel. And what's not to love about a carousel?


The Merry Widow said...

The carousel at Great America is 2 stories...the girls would flip!
Great fun was had by all...bet you had to pour the girls into bed every night!

And yourselves!

Salubrina said...

papa frank,

first off - you were missed!

second - glad you all had a fabulous time.

third - thankful you all made it home safely.

fourth - still a little envious that you got to be at disneyword for christmas and new year! :-)

fifth - mostly, just really happy you and your family had a wonderful time at an amazing place.

cube said...

The whole experience sounds like a blast. Your family is going to keep wonderful memories for the rest of their lives. That is way cool, especially staying near the ginormous cube... ;-)

Brooke said...

Your girls are so beautiful, PF!

That food joint looks super good... It's putting me in the mood for sushi! :)

Papa Frank said...

Thank you very much Brooke! Having seen your wonderful children I KNOW that you know beautiful when you see it. ;0)