A Gift for the Queen

What would be the best gift for the American President to give the Queen of England upon meeting her for the first time and knowing the bond our countries have shared? You guessed it:


Anonymous said...

...and it was all loaded up w/junk from her last visit to America.

Oh, and they're now reporting that the president also presented her w/an autographed "Rogers" musical score. Whoop-Whoop!

Z said...

Um. Can I just say I just blogged on this and I LOVEd the signed Richard Rodgers songbook idea? VERY American, VERY rare and...well, I'm a singer, so...come listen to MY ROMANCE by Bernadette Peters at my place, Pops...you'll love it, I think!

the iPod was ridiculous..imagine the queen hip hopping around the palace holding her iPod. Or watching herself waddle all over the East Coast on an iPod? but the songbook? I LIKE IT!!
What's she need another statue or HAT?!!

I.H.S. said...

Obama:"Betcha you don't have one of these Queenie."

Queen:"Oh, I can get giggy with that."



Anonymous said...

Must be tough, coming up with a gift for the Queen. I read somewhere she's one of the world's richest women. Don't know if it's true or not.

cube said...

The worst part of this whole thing for me is that BO loaded up the iPod with HIS OWN SPEECHES too!

OK, the wacky liberal apologists will say that the Queen gave BO an autographed picture of her & husband, so it's perfectly hip and cool for BO to reciprocate with an iPod infested with his teleprompter's speeches.

Excuse me, but who the heck does this douche bag think he is?

The Merry Widow said...

Just proves the lack of class, thought and ability to THINK...that this WHOLE CREW exhibits.
Z-You are right, the Rodger's songbook was an excellent choice...


mystic minstrel said...

I dig the songbook. The video of her visit on the ipod is an interesting idea, but the speeches...he should have stopped at the visits. America can do better!

Ducky's here said...

Just for the record the only speeches on the iPod were his inaugural and his Democratic convention speech. The rest was material on the queen's U.S. visit and a selection of show tunes.

Now, extending the idea that there is a historic bond between the U.S. and Britain I don't know why his convention speech, which is considered an important speech, or his inauguration which was historic, even in the eyes of jaded far right wingers, would be considered inappropriate.

You start these tempests in a teapot and it does manage to make the far right look pretty dumb.
You look on the left wing blogs and they're discussing economic regulations proposed at the G20 and you're talking about the iPod.

Really, you have gone below trivia.

Ducky's here said...

I bet Henry VIII might have found something like an iPod to be pretty damn neato.