Bass Pro Now Open in Independence

Last night our family braved the crowd and cold weather to attend the Grand Opening of the new Bass Pro shop in Independence, Missouri. I have never been in a store with that many people before in my entire life. The event was short but chock full. They opened at 6:30 PM and only stayed open until 9:00 PM. Once we found a parking spot on the street we made our way to the main entrance. Once inside we were greeted with a live band in the entrance way. The Bass Pro people went all out on this event. Inside they had Martin Truex (nascar), 2 Miss Missouri winners, Freddie Patek (KC Royals hall of famer), Frank White (KC Royals hall of famer), Brodie Croyle, Dwayne Bowe, and Eddie Kennison (KC Chiefs), The Black Widow (female pool shark), The Bass Pro Nascar car, the National Guard motorcycle built by Orange County Choppers, and assorted fishing and hunting tv personalities. Downstairs there was another live band. Quite the little celebration! Today I went back there in the afternoon so I could actually see the store. The store itself is beautiful and well done. The gun counter is probably 80 feet long. All their ammo was 10% off so I got a few boxes. We'll certainly be back there once the initial crowds die down.


WomanHonorThyself said...

wow sounds like a blast..ha!

Deborah said...

In Houston, one of the Bass Pro Shops conducts fly fishing classes in the parking lot on the weekends. I used to fly fish on the greatest remote rivers in Alaska... no combat fishing for me (if you've ever fished in Alaska, or known someone who's fished in Alaska, you know what "combat fishing" is).

As much as I appreciate Bass Pro Shops, how do you beat honing your fly fishing skills on a river that you can only land a seaplane on - no other human in site? After experiences like that, a parking lot doesn't quite cut it. I think there's a place to fly fish on the Guadalupe River northwest of Austin, but other than that, there's just too many people in Texas - they're everywhere!

Anyway... now, I'm making myself miserable for the memory... I meant to join you and Kim in your excitement. Enjoy your Bass Pro shop! It sure beats going to Wal-Mart when there's nothing else to do. :)

nanc said...

bass pro is the equivalent of disneyworld for outdoors people! we've been to the one in springfield.

you cannot see EVERYTHING in a day!



Brooke said...

I LOVE our Bass Pro; we were just there yesterday to buy a pop gun for our yungun, and also to oogle the pistols.

Ammo is 10% off till the end of the month, and I plan on picking up a few boxes.

Ann said...

If we had one my husband would never leave there. I would be a Bass Pro widow. Now I'm just a football widow, LOL! Take care and blessings to you!

Yehudi01 said...

Jason, growing up in Iowa with my grandparents down in Branson, we used to stop and shop at the Bass Pro Shop World Headquarters in Springfield 2-3 times a year. My b-day presents were ususally selected from the Bass Pro or Cabellas magazines. :)

Anonymous said...

I buy most of my clothes at Bass Pro Shop.