The Joys of Fatherhood!!!

As most of you already know I have the pleasure and joy of being called Papa by twin 4-year-old girls. Much like their Mama they are my closest friends and I covet spending time with them. Sometimes we play as cowboys, sometimes as hunters, sometimes as prince and princesses, sometimes as animals, and sometimes just as family. Today however they decided that daddy needed a little sprucing up and to be "made handsome." Being well versed in imagination and masters of carrying out that imagination they were quite thorough in my "transformation."

From my head:

To my toes:


Yehudi01 said...

Wow! Are you trying to match my performance? You are an incredible man of character and obviously a hero to your girls...I admire that. That said, I might put a dress on now and then, but I would NEVER wear barrets in my hair! What are those things on your toes??? Jason???? Seriously!!!!

The Frank Family said...

Like I said my friend -- the joys of being the father of twin 4-year-old girls. How could I say no? What's a little looking silly and getting laughed at compared with the honest smiles and appreciation of my little ones?

Yehudi01 said...

I admire that, my friend. You are amazingly blessed. Do you think they'd want to see daddy in a dress?

The Frank Family said...

You'll have to wait for next year's Super Bowl for a chance at that. However, given your track record in betting against my Super Bowl pick you may not want to doubt me again. :)

Jan said...

Well, Jason..you are downright lovely, and your daughters are beautiful!

You're such a good daddy.

The Frank Family said...

Thanks Jan!!!

nanc said...

oh my!

all our daughter does to her father is brush his non-existent hair with the back side of a hairbrush!


that, and she's been his little fishing and camping buddy since she could walk and now at 15 - watching it all come full circle is such a joy to me.

our son is another story - an academic and if you've not heard yet, is actually a long lost son of the queen of england - we are but pagans to him! when the queen was here for her last visit, he asked, "so, are you going to call my mother, the queen, and have her pick me up on her way back to the u.k.?"

he's highlarious!

Jungle Mom said...

A true dad!!

Z said...

I want to know just how far out of the house you go all doll'd up, jason!!!

you ARE a very good Dad...This IS the first time you've HAD barretts on your beard and rings on your toes, right? "She shall have music wherever she goes!"

so sweet......z

The Frank Family said...

Yes, z, this is not typical attire for me. I not only didn't make it out of the house like this but didn't even make it out of my chair. :)

Jungle Mom -- thank you!!!

nanc --

Narrator: "Now it's time for silly songs with Larry.
The part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly
Our curtain opens as Larry, having just finished his morning
bath, is searching for his hairbrush. Having no success, Larry
cries out..."

Larry: "Oh, where is my hairbrush? Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh,
oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh,
where, oh,
where oh, where ... is my hairbrush?"

Narrator: "Having heard his cry, Pa Grape enters the scene.
Shocked and
slightly embarrassed at the sight of Larry in a towel, Pa
regains his
composure and reports ..."

Pa: "I think I saw a hairbrush back there!"

Larry: "Back there is my hairbrush. Back there is my hairbrush.
there, back there, oh, where, back there, oh, where, oh, where,
there, back there, back there ... is my hairbrush?"

Narrator: "Having heard his joyous proclamation, Junior
Asparagus enters
the scene. Shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of
Larry in a
towel, Junior regains his composure and comments ..."

Junior: "Why do you need a hairbrush? You don't have any hair!"

Narrator: "Larry is taken aback. The thought had never occured
to him.
No hair? What would this mean? What will become of him? What
will become
of his hairbrush? Larry wonders ..."

Larry: "No hair for my hairbrush. No hair for my hairbrush. No
hair, no
hair, no where, no hair, no hair, no hair, no where back there,
no hair
.. for my hairbrush."

Narrator: "Having heard his wonderings, Bob the Tomato enters
the scene.
Shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of Larry in a
towel, Bob
regains his composure and confesses ..."

Bob: "Larry, that old hairbrush of yours ... Well, you never use
it, you
don't really need it. So, well, I'm sorry ... I didn't know. But
I gave
it to the Peach - 'cause he's got hair!"

Narrator: "Feeling a deep sense of loss, Larry stumbles back and

Larry: "Not fair! Oh, my hairbrush. Not fair! My poor hairbrush.
fair, not fair, no hair, not fair, no where, no hair, not fair,
fair, not fair! My little hairbrush!"

Narrator: "Having heard his lament, the Peach enters the scene.
in a towel, both Larry and the Peach are shocked and slightly
embarrassed at the sight of each other. But recognizing Larry's
generosity, the Peach is thankful ..."

Peach: "Thanks for the hairbrush."

Narrator: "Yes, good has been done here. The Peach exits the
Larry smiles, but, still feeling an emotional attachment for
hairbrush, calls out ..."

Larry: "Take care of my hairbrush. Take care, oh my hairbrush.
care, take care, don't dare not care. Take care. Nice hair. No
Take care, take care ... of my hairbrush."

Narrator: "The end!"

Karin said...

Jason and Kim,
How blessed are you! I'm packing and going through all my good stuff. All the pictures of my daughters and my granddaughter. You will always cherish every picture. Save everything!
We have one week to go or so I'm pushing for the 6th of March. Five years in one place.... well I'm off and back to packing.
Love you all

Ann said...

Very endearing Jason, does Kim take you out like that?

The Frank Family said...

Actually, I never even left my chair this way. :)