Giving Becomes Our Delight

There sits Simon,
so foolishly wise
proudly he's tending his nets
Then Jesus calls,
and the boats drift away
all that he owns he forgets

More than the nets
he abandoned that day,
he found that his pride was soon drifting away
It's hard to imagine the freedom we find
from the things we leave behind

Matthew was mindful
of taking the tax,
pressing the people to pay
Hearing the call,
he responded in faith
followed the Light and the Way

Leaving the people
so puzzled he found,
the greed in his heart
was no longer around and
it's hard to imagine
the freedom we find
from the things
we leave behind

Every heart needs to be set free,
from posessions
that hold it so tight
'Cause freedom's not found in the things that we own,
It's the power
to do what is right
Jesus, our only posession,
giving becomes our delight
We can't imagine the freedom we find
from the things we leave behind

We show a love for the world in our lives
by worshipping goods we posess
Jesus has laid all our treasures aside
"love God above all the rest"

'Cause when we say 'no'
to the things of the world
we open our hearts
to the love of the Lord and
its hard to imagine
the freedom we find
from the things we leave behind

Oh, and it's hard to imagine
the freedom we find
from the things
we leave behind


Bar Kochba said...

This week's parsha is Teruma, in which the Jews are called upon to contribute to the building of tabernacle and donate their wealth. We only own what we give.

The Frank Family said...

"We only own what we give." -- So true BK!!!

Elmer's Brother said...

ff...can you email me?

The Frank Family said...

done - elbro

Yehudi01 said...

We only own what we give.....that has become the new theme of my life! I love that!!!

nanc said...

i heard one fine pastor a few years ago say:

things DO NOT create happiness

things ACCOMPANY happiness

and another of my favorites:

all you ever own is what you give to God.

and then steven wright says:

you can't have it all...where would you keep it?

our unfinished cabin is grafitti haven - we write everything on the walls - the only rule we've given the children is it must pertain to faith! they were so excited about having a free pass to write on the walls.

Dora said...

Dear Frank Family,

I remember a while back you asked for proof of evolution, and I recently came across this article in Wired.com that I think you will find very interesting. It's about a mine pit in montana that has filled with water and because of the toxic elements in the pit, it is pretty much like battery acid. But, some organisms have evolved to survive in the pit, and are now being used in the search for cancer cures.

I hope you enjoy the article.



Brooke said...

Very nice, Jason!

Jan said...

Great post, Jason...It us more blessed to give than to receive, and a most wonderful thought to go along with that..we can never outgive God. The more we give of ourselves, in any way, the more that God gives back to us, in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Never heard that son before.

Bar Kochba said...

Dora: The way it works is that the toxians killed most of the bacteria, except for the resistant strain. That way, the resistant strain takes over the population and becomes the dominant strain. This would be the equivalent of a plague killing only whites, leaving blacks the majority. Hardly Darwinism. (Nobody doubt evolution, which means that the present is different from the past- that's called 'history'.) Nonetheless, bacteria will always be bacteria.

The Frank Family said...

BK -- you are exactly right. For a species to evolve within that species is simple and pure science. For a species to become an entirely different species is pure science fiction and fantasy.

Deborah said...

Both of you bring up very valid points not mentioning, however, the existence of the Duck-billed Platypus and crocodile and the non-existence of dinosaurs; the existence of lemurs, monkeys, and apes and the simultaneous existence of Homosapiens. There’s no valid evidence of evolution! However, there is valid evidence of mild mutations that facilitate “survival of the fittest,” just as you allude to BK, but there’s absolutely no concrete evidence of evolution – no evidence to prove lesser “primates” evolved into higher existing “primates” known as Homosapiens, and the mere fact that they exist side-by-side is evidence to suggest otherwise. The vast majority of evidence that has been presented as “The Missing Link” were found to be bogus – artificially created, misclassified, or misdated. And… the toxins that Dora refers to are organic in nature; it takes bacteria to produce these toxins. Bacteria are extremely resistant! They even thrive in hot water that continuously exceeds the boiling point, e.g., waters associated with the release of heat from thermal activity beneath the earth’s crust.

More and more scientists are discovering the challenge in holding to the Theory of Evolution and are becoming more amicable toward the Theory of Intelligent Design. Having been trained in a field of applied science, I can tell you that the deeper one goes into science and mathematics, the easier it is to see the awesomeness of Intelligent Design – it is undeniable… and incredible! G-d loves numbers and mathematics! Albert Einstein, my favorite scientist of all time, and obviously one of the most heralded scientists of all time, believed in G-d and made no bones about his belief in his writings or in his statements! In recognizing the intricacies inherent to the laws of physics, mathematics, and Thermodynamics, Einstein unequivocally stated, “God does not play dice with the universe.” The empirical data told him that the existence of the universe was no coincidence… it was not a creation by ‘happenstance’ but of deliberate, very intelligent thought. Baruch Hashem!

The Merry Widow said...

I am a Michael Card fan, and his 'Poiema' is fantastic...


The Frank Family said...

TMW -- Michael Card is a wonderful and wise gifted musician and songwriter. He has great insight and I enjoy much of his work. Good to see you here!!! Welcome, make yourself at home!