A Happy Pappy

I'm so happy that my girls hopped on back to me tonight!!! It's good to have our whole family under one roof again.


Chuck said...

Nothing like having your family around. My two sons are out of state for the week with my brother. I'm happy for them and hope their having fun but I do miss them so I understand your joy at having them back.

Also, thanks for adding my site. I enjoy your site and I appreciate being listed.


Steph said...

This is precious. :)

The Merry Widow said...

Isn't that just the cutest?
Bet they girls were glad to see Daddy too!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


cube said...

That pic is so sweet. Those are mighty cute little 'joeys'.

And yes, it doesn't get much better than having the whole family safe & sound under one roof.

Brooke said...

That might be the cutest picture ever!

I'm glad you've got 'em back! :)

CalebZacharyCarson said...

I don't share the above sentiments, except the picture being cute, which it indeed is! But we want those girls of yours, wifey included, back! Caleb wants to know where the bebes went.

Z said...

I think that would be a 'HOPPY' PAPPY!? Enjoy, Pops!

nanc said...

having spent so much time apart in pop's work - we just almost cannot bear it anymore - i've thought of going to see my sisters and mother in vegas, but just cannot make myself go alone. it is so heartwarming the way you feel about and express your love for your family.

now, step away from the philly cheesesteak sannie and nobody gets hurt!