The Kansas City Zoo

Though you've probably never heard of it the Kansas City Zoo is actually the 10th largest zoo in the nation. It is home to over 1300 animals and covers 202 acres. Our family has been friends of the zoo members for the past three years and we enjoy walking around and enjoying all the critters there. Today was a very nice day to be there as the morning was just a little bit rainy. This worked to keep the day on the cool side and to keep down the number of people at the zoo. To brag on our zoo a little I offer this. Ape expert Jane Goodall has been quoted as saying that Kansas City has “one of the finest chimpanzee exhibits in North America. And “America’s Best Zoos 2008” ranks the Kansas City Zoo as the number one zoo in the nation to see both chimpanzees and kangaroos. The kangaroos are not enclosed but rather they hop around freely on the same paths that you walk. Although they usually find a nice spot of shade to enjoy. There is also an IMAX theater inside the zoo entrance. If you are ever in the area the Kansas City Zoo is a great place to spend a day. Look us up and we'll show you around. The next big addition is suppose to be a polar bear exhibit that is to begin construction in 2009.


Yehudi01 said...

I really love the zoo! Portland has a great zoo, but the Wildlife Safari in southern Oregon is my favorite! There are cheetahs walking freely throughout the park, as well as a drive-through area of bears and lions. I am a huge fan of wildlife...which is one of the reasons I enjoy hiking and climbing in Oregon so much.

Jungle Mom said...

yehudi! how are you? I miss your blog!
FF, those parrots made me hungry. Should I tell you we ate macaws in the jungle???

The Merry Widow said...

PF-When Dad was assigned to Forbes and Whiteman AFBs, we used to go to that zoo often...I loved it!
It was smaller then...I won't say when, lol. But it was a good trip!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


nanc said...

back in the day...having grown up in san diego, i used to gather my younger siblings, we'd pack a lunch, hop the transit and go spend the entire day at their zoo - it was a much gentler time - i was about nine, ten, eleven - they were all younger than i. my favorite was the hummingbird habitat - it was like being dive bombed all the way through!

can't turn your children loose like that anymore. *:]

Papa Frank said...

nanc -- it's a shame that those days are past. Not only were things like that fun but they also taught you to be independent and to learn to make real life choices on your own. And with schools these days teaching kids what to think instead of how to think we are a much dumber society when it comes to preparing kids to be responsible adults.

MW -- I never knew you used to live here. Whiteman is still a very important base as much of our firepower comes from there including all the stealth bombers. Did you ever camp over at Knob Noster State Park?

JM -- I'm usually up for trying wild game but don't think it's ever crossed my mind to eat a Scarlet Macaw. So how are they?

Daniel -- I do envy you having such a great state for hiking and exploring. There's so much public land in Oregon as well. Kim misses it and has very fond memories of growing up there.

cube said...

And all this time I thought the KC zoo was 11th in the nation. I stand corrected ;-)

BTW beautiful pics.

Brooke said...

Too cool!

The Cincinnati Zoo by us lets the peacocks do pretty much whatever they wish like the kangaroos do by you.

I LOVE those Greenwing Macaws. I'd probably try to stick one in my pocket... ;)

I'm glad you had a good time!

Jungle Mom said...

We only ate the ones the Indians had hunted . They are very tough as they live very long. Dark and tough meat, best stewed. BUT it is protein and thats what matters.

WomanHonorThyself said...

almost as cool as the Bronx Zoo pal..haha :)

Chuck said...

Diidn't know this about the KC Zoo, sounds like a great time.

We have a relatively small one here in West Michigan but love to take our children to it.

My wife and I took our daughter last week and she fed some sting rays and petted the rays and small sharks, she had a blast. It's great family fun.

Papa Frank said...

Chuck -- are you speaking of John Ball Park Zoo? One of my very best birthdays was spent there during college. My uncle is a farrier and he trims and puts the shoes on the shetland ponies there.

Z said...

Thanks for the pictures and the info re: your zoo, Pops!
The colors of those birds is so beautiful....Jungle Mom: HOW COULD YOU?!

Steph said...

It's beautiful! I love the lioness.

The Merry Widow said...

PF-No, my parents were older and not into camping. Besides, when we were there, there was no Knob Knoster State Park! And the standing joke was that we lived on the wrong side of the tracks from Knob Knoster! ROTFLOL! The base golf course was across the road from the base and they had to hang rags soaked in wolf urine to try and keep the deer from eating the greens!
But, we used to just about live at Wonder Bay at the Lake of the Ozarks! We would get a cabin there(pretty much a standing)and at least 2 weeks in the summer...that was great!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!