Solicitation For Litigation

Let me know if I am going out on a limb here. Maybe I am the only one who is bothered by this but I have a feeling that it may be getting under someone else's skin as well. You're sitting at home watching your favorite TV show when the commercials come on. Of course you have at least one commercial about some sort of private sexual function medication. Two or three commercials telling what else you could watch on TV. A commercial offering you a credit card. A commercial with some sort of political message. If you're lucky a commercial about something good to eat. Of course when that happens it's usually immediately followed by a commercial about how we are all fat and we need to fix that and they've got just the answer. Now we come to the commercial that turns my stomach. Not to say that the rest are any picnic. This commercial comes from the two people groups I dislike the most. The first one is of course lawyers. The second group is the fearmongers. These people are looking to "help" you by telling you that a doctor somewhere probably did you harm. As a result you may be "due" some sort of financial settlement. Or maybe you've been hurt in an accident and these people will "get you the money you deserve." In our society we are literally ENCOURAGED to feel cheated and to MAKE SOMEONE ELSE PAY. Certainly the doctors or the police or your boss is out to get you. Does this bother anyone else?


Steve Harkonnen said...

What bothers me is knowing that there's kids sitting around somewhere in America who are hearing about 4 hour boners and problems with erections, etc. The kids have every right to turn to mom or dad and say, "what's an erection" and that usually comes from the five or six year olds.

One night we were watching tv. My wife said "ya know, if you ever took Cialis and you ended up with a boner lasting six or more hours, I am taking the day off."

Anonymous said...

You're suprised that you're being falttered or pandered to in ALL of the above commercials? What would be a surprise would be to find out that you were NOT.

Beware of people who offer you "entertainment." It's usually a substitute for actually DOING something creative or constructive.

Anonymous said...

We have that sort of advertisement here in Georgia all the time. I just mute them. I told my wife the other day there's just nothing anymore that it isn't ok to hawk on television.

Brooke said...

I get to the point of just tuning them out.

Damn ambulance chasers and stiffy peddlers.

EDGE said...

That's why I like to record programs to my DVR; then I can FFWD right through that nonsense!

The Merry Widow said...

PF-It's a concerted effort to make EVERYONE a victim...that way the "nanny state" can take care of you!
Sorry, I grew up!


nanc said...

i'm more bothered by the reptile malfunction ads. and who really cares if they stay awake for more than four hours?