Andrea Mitchell = Obama Tool

MITCHELL: "The Obama people must feel that he didn't do quite as well as they might have wanted to in that context, because that — what they're putting out privately is that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama.... He seemed so well-prepared."

This is just classic leftard bullsh*t!!! The lefty ploy goes like this: IF YOU GET YOUR BUTT KICKED THEN JUST CLAIM THE REPUBLICAN CHEATED. Now how predictable is this? Not only that but what better proof do you need that John McCain clearly annihilates Obama when Obama doesn't have a teleprompter 3 feet from his face. Never mind the fact that John McCain's answers were his own beliefs and Obama's answers were his own beliefs. The fact that John McCain's beliefs blow Obama's beliefs out of the water is not a matter of cheating it's a matter of who is right and who is able to lead our country.


Shaina said...

Well how do you expect the people really in charge to run the country if someone smart is elected? Come on Jason. Well, you are hereby tagged as anti-American and racist to boot. You want to see the system crumble and the black guy lose. Even if your ideals are better you are mean and I don't like you so I am going to vote for the dumb fun guy instead!

Papa Frank said...

Shaina -- 2-shay!!! Can you hear me laughing from here?

Chuck said...

Shaina, you have to call em as you see em :)

I love the reporting by these people. They report what "the Obama people are saying". This lets them proclaim innocence and maintain that their reporting actually has integrity. At the same time they keep the story going and people really only hear "McCain cheated".

The problem for them though is that it is not wrking as well anymore. The public is catching on. With Fox, talk radio, and the internet, the public is hearing the full story.

Shaina said...

It's really boiled down to a quite simple formula.
1. The truth happens.
2. The media tells the opposite of the truth.
3. Believe the opposite of what the media says.
4. You find the closest to the truth you can.

So I'm assuming that this never even happened. All made up. The entire interview and everything. Poor Obama wasn't even there. He would never approve of someone calling McCain a cheater, that's just undemocrosyncracy.

Anonymous said...

Love that pic, Jason.

Cheated?? He's well-prepared because he knows how to form an intelligent thought without it being fed to him.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch this, but McCain must have done pretty well since the Demmis are whining about it so long and hard.

Brooke said...

Remember the Sore-Loserman campaign?

More of the same here.

I want to know why the heck the presidential debates need "cones of silence."

Why not just run Maxwell Smart for Prez? LOL!

Anonymous said...

She is a useful idiot leftist. hey Pops I left you one on the last McCain thread!


Z said...

Chuck is SO right, too.

Mitchell didn't say it.."THEY'RE SAYING IT"..give me a break.

paid bomb throwers = our American media

Shaina said...

Z - "paid bomb throwers"... this makes me laugh!

Z said...

GOod, Shaina...you had me laughing hysterically, too!
What would be REALLY funny is if we could hear Obama say ONE thing (just one) that was glowing about this country.
Would that be super?

cube said...

'paid bomb throwers' - a perfect description of our Pravda-esque press.

I've been complaining about Mitchell's overt bias for years. She outright lied about the Elian Gonzalez situation & was never called to the mat over it.

funkyaxe said...

i wish i could find the debate to watch it! i searched on youtube for it last night but couldn't find it. i was shocked! anyone got anything?