How Much More "Stimulus" Can We Take?

DOW 381.99 -4.62%

NASDAQ 66.83 -4.20%

S&P 500 42.73 -4.91%


Anonymous said...

I wish some of that largess would filter down from the uber rich and the ruling class to us peasants. As far as I can tell, nothing that anyone has done in DC has lightened my load, and it looks to be dimming any hopes of a future for my kids.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, Timmy Taxes really laid an egg. It's unfortunate that Obama wants to continue to sail on the good ship U.S.S. "Deregulate and Reflate" that was launched when St. Ronnie Dimbulb was prez and continually refitted by Bill "the cartoon" Clinton and ex-President Chuck L. Nuts.

Timmy Taxes and Larry "Let me finish this chapter of Atlas Shrugged" Summers are bound and determined to assure that their golfing buddies from the street are made whole at our expense rather than jailed.

You should have seen it coming when Summers was named but the right has a very poor grasp of what's happened economically in the last thirty years.

Timmy Taxes ids going to say that certain large banks are being nationalized and some mid level banks will be allowed to fail or this charade continues.
Unfortunately, a conservative like Obama doesn't have the will to do that so hold on, it's going to be some ride.

Ducky's here said...

Hermit, I don't mean to be arch, really don't but as long as you vote for this conservative bull you are just one step closer to being out on the street.

Take responsibility for your actions and beliefs.

Yehudi said...

So if we're no better (or even worse) at the end of his 4 yrs, will you still be blaming the conservatives? What if he's re-elected, and at the end of 8 yrs...still blaming the evil conservatives? What if another democrat is elected after Osama, (perish the thought!)....and after their 4 yrs is up and we're no better...still blaming the conservatives? That's a timeless and incredibly weak partisan argument. Granted, Bush did our economy no favors, but to forever blame our ills on conservatives is simply due to a liberal lack of accountiblity.

Ducky's here said...

Yehudi, why don't you just worry about whether or not Tzipi the Pinhead can form a government.

Papa Frank said...

Typical duckling. You will never even concede the possibility of any situation under which you would see this administration as a failure. Liberals never have and never will take any responsibility for their own actions. It was comical today to watch idiotic liberal law makers tell the bank CEO's that America doesn't trust them. I guess our democrat congress hasn't seen their own approval rating lately. Pot.....meet kettle.

The Merry Widow said...

ducky is in seventh heaven right now, not only was obama elected, he is proving to be just as socialistic a communist that ducky is at heart...
No wonder he waxes lyrical...

:rolling of eyes:

Ducky's here said...

I'm afraid not, mw. Larry Summers and Timmy Taxes are holdovers from the Clinton days when that moron accelerated the deregulation craze (how'd it work out?).

I would actually like to discuss this but when someone's conception of deficit spending leads them to call it "socialism" and fails to understand state capitalism then it's pointless.

Please not that we are spending more on the bank bailout and the object there is to save the very people who did more to endanger our nation than any of the people in Gitmo. Most of them were just turned in for a bounty and never did anything to harm us.
The Lords of Wall Street nearly destroy (and they may yet succeed) the nation and we are out there propping up their failure rather than arresting them.

We are a sorry people.

Papa Frank said...

They should be arrested. And so should all the politicians that took money from them for their campaigns. Washington and Wall Street would sure be lonely places.

Michael said...

You know, every time I hear the phrase, "stimulus package," I keep thinking, "Hey, Beavis, he wants to stimulate his package."

I don't think that's what the Congress or the President had in mind.