Paul Harvey Dies at 90

"I'm a professional parade watcher who can't wait to get out of bed every morning and rush down to the teletypes to pan for gold."


Papa Frank said...

Let me start this thread by saying that this man was just the perfect portrait of American goodness and class. I will miss hearing "the rest of the story." Rest in peace Mr. Paul Harvey.

Steve Harkonnen said...

But in 2003 CAIR demanded he apologize about what he said about Islam.

Nice guy, but he caved to CAIR's wishes.

Leslie said...

Oh I was so sad when I saw the title of your blog entry. Yes, Paul Harvey was a true American with values and morals and character.

He will be missed.

Jan said...

Papa Frank.I agree.

He waa a true gentleman, in every sense of the word.

He will be missed.

Yehudi said...

I grew up listening to Paul Harvey and continued to do so all the way to the end. I really admire him for all he stood for.

I had heard that his son had dies in the Air Force...froze to death at his post guarding a bomber on the flightline at Minot AFB, North Dakota. I swear I heard him talk about it on the air, but I can't find anything online about it. Has anyone else heard that story?

Always On Watch said...

I'll miss him, even if he did cave to CAIR.

Z said...

He was a REAL gentleman and a scholar...thanks for a wonderful tribute... to him and his "Angel". Remember that's what he called his wife.
I know one son's taken over his gig, hasn't he? I think so.

Chuck said...

Haven't listened in quite a while, my loss. Loved rest of the story and his little story he would tell at the end of his morning newscast.

I.H.S. said...

Papa Frank, great tribute.

I always liked that tag line of his as well.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Harvey.


Anonymous said...

Paul Harvey takes me back to my childhood. He's a part of Americana.

I have a feeling that he's with the Lord now.