Cowboy Creed

Tonight the girls and I are going to the 4th grade program that Kim is directing. It has a cowboy theme and so the girls thought that we should "get all cowboyed up" for it. They went downstairs and got on their chosen cowboy best and came back up to show me. They had the hats and boots and sheriff stars and of course their gunbelts and guns. I told them that we were going to have to leave the guns at home since the kids in the program were not allowed to bring guns. After seeing their sadness I attempted to cheer them up and said that they could still wear their belts if they wanted. My Arianwyn gave me one of those "silly daddy you just don't understand" looks and matter of factly said --


I couldn't be more proud!!!


The Frank Family said...

That's my girl! If you can't do it right...don't do it at all!!! - Mommy Frank

Jungle Mom said...

Obama would think that you are raising some 'bitter' children!
Thats my kind of kid!

The Merry Widow said...

She has her head screwed on straight!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maratha!


nanc said...

very insightful children you have there, frank family - they're no dummies!

the little neighbor boy came to the house next door to play with the little girl yesterday - he brought his sheriff set up - they were outside hooping and playing cowboys - just having the best time.

aren't children supposed to do just that?

how far we have fallen...


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that liberalism is not natural. ;-)

What a precious child.

Anonymous said...

When I was teaching, I set it up for the local reinactment group ( the 34th Georgia) to come and speak to the kids at school. The jerks at the central office made these guys leave their black powder muskets at home, so as not to promote "guns."

The Frank Family said...

Like guns or hate guns it is undeniable that our freedom and liberty were both purchased by heroes with a gun in their hands.

Steph said...

yeah, buddy! git 'er done. :)