A Paradigm Shift

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Anonymous said...
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nanc said...

ironic, isn't it.


Anonymous said...

I'm just so....confused.
What a strange world we live in.
Is it the political climate?
I remember the day OJ was acquitted. I was in our university 'quad' and the black students jumped up and screamed in celebration. It was shocking and frightening.

The Merry Widow said...

Pinky-oj "only" murdered a woman, which is I guess, less of a crime than not paying your taxes!
It is a turned around and upside down world...read 2 Timothy 3.
Money is now more important than a human life!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Steph said...

if only wesley had played football instead of making vampire movies....

Z said...

Great post, Jason. So little said, so much said.

Some day, I have to tell you the unbelievable connections to OJ here......starting with Bob Kardashian, at whose home I saw the first home video of Gone with the Wind. And OJ was there. Bob was a law partner of my uncle's back then and OJ had an office in their law suite.
I lived in the apartment building Nicole lived in before they married and the landlady once told me the "blonde girl with the red Corvette has bruises on her face sometimes"...back THEN, Jason.

Her condo is 3 blocks from my house and I couldn't even go thru customs at the airport around that time without customs asking "You live on XXX DRIVE?!"

I guess I DID tell you about half of the list, didn't I!!......it's positively weird.

Z said...

Focus on that blonde next to OJ.
TMW is right..money certainly does seem more important than a life. WHAT is she thinking, this young girl with a killer? Russian Roulette is what this girl's playing. Her only chance is he never loves her. What a thing to hope for, huh? What a lot of empty souls we have.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, money simply represents "time owed" (in labor, Adam Smith, "WoN") and prison represents "time owed" (in non-labor).

So "money" is actually a MUCH more just form of compensation to the victim of a crime in our current society than any "leisure" time the offender might spend in prison would be.

Besides, society has to "labor" to provide 3 hots and a cot to every slacker lounging in the nation's prison system, as well. Talk about dysfunctional!

Z said...

Yes, but if we ask for "money" enough to compensate for a death, how much IS that, and then, after they've paid, society on the outside has to give 3 hots and a cot to every ex millionaire.

or, something!!!!

The Frank Family said...

7 rifles.
3 bullets.
4 blanks.


Anonymous said...

...sometime a good tar & feathering is all that's required.

Anonymous said...

Course you could turn 'em all over to me, and I'd put them all to good use. Of course, don't come back later and complain to me about just "inhumanely" I'd treat them.