Christmas Gifts and Kindness

I have a great job for which I am very grateful. Many are without jobs right now and many more will be without jobs in the months to come. I don't consider my job to be great because it will make me rich or powerful or respected. But these are not the things I strive for. I have a great job because I enjoy the work I do and enjoy the people that I work with. Many of my coworkers are also my friends. When Mama Frank was pregnant with our girls the people there threw me a baby shower and were very generous. It was the first and only baby shower that anyone could remember having there. One of my friends there has always enjoyed seeing my girls and has known them from birth. She has a special place in her heart for Jessica as they share the same name. Today she brought me a gift for the girls which she knitted herself. I am thankful for the kindness to myself and to my family. Hand made gifts are very special as time is a real commodity these days. Especially time coming from someone who works more than one job. The hats that she knitted are beautiful and my girls were overjoyed to receive them. They informed us that they wanted to wear them to bed tonight (a request which we gladly obliged). I hope that you are as fortunate with your job as I am although I know that many are not. My thoughts go out tonight to those who are out of work unexpectedly. My prayers are with you and your families.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Adorable. Too bad we can't keep them at that age!

The Merry Widow said...

Too right, Steve!
PF-Tell your coworker that she does beautiful work! Those are nice, and practical AND cute as the girls wearing them!
G*D bless and MARANATHA!

BTW-I applied for a job yesterday...we will see how it goes!

Elmers Brother said...

the hats are beautiful too!

The Lord has blessed you when you have a job you enjoy.

nanc said...

like little boys and their first pair of cowboy boots - they want to sleep in them too!

one of zgirl's friends gave her a similar handmade hat - one difference - there was a continual strand that ran throughout the hat and she calls it a "noodle" hat because it looks like it has spaghetti all over her head.

cube said...

Beautiful hats for beautiful girls.

It is a joy to have a job in the vicinity of thoughtful people.

I worked as an office manager for a doctor's office for many years. The patients were always very thoughtful around the holidays, but when I became pregnant with my first child, the gifts, both bought and made, were overwhelming.

My daughter is now 18 and I still have some of the homemade gifts to this day.

Z said...

I have a hunch it's real easy to be nice to you and yours, Pops! What very cute caps!

And the girls......just wonderful! xx

Jan said...

Papa Frank..the hats, and the girls are beautiful.

You are so blessed, and it is wonderful to know that you acknowlege it.

We are all blessed, in so many ways, aren't we?

My heart aches for all of those now getting their pink slips, and not knowing what to do.

My prayer is that our God will meet all their needs, as only He can do.

God bless you and yours, my friend.

Pam said...

What angels!!! And the gal who invested her time in making hand made gifts is an angel in my eyes for sure! How touching that while working 2 jobs, she still made her gift making and giving a priority! Please tell her she has touched my life and is an inspiration to me!