Muppet Magic

I am dedicating this post here to my wonderful wife. She is a kid at heart even as I am. We grew up on opposite coasts of the USA but with many of the same tastes in humor and entertainment. We have always been very fond of the Muppets in general and The Muppet Show specifically. We've spent time recalling our favorite bits and pieces and trying to remember how each of them went. There is one bit though that she and her older brother saw that they talk of when they are together that I never did see. And try as I may I never could seem to find this episode anywhere as they could not remember the name of the guest star or in which season it was. All they described was that it had a guy doing a magic trick where he "shuffled" sausages. As children they laughed and laughed and laughed but neither of them ever did see that particular bit again. I was thinking of this story again today and decided to once again search for this episode. At long last I found it. Before you judge their humor remember that their only experience with this clip was as small children hyped up on too much candy and too little sleep. (Although, I'm not suffering from either of those things and am laughing like a child.) Believe me when I tell you that she is going to absolutely FREAK when she sees her childhood memory played out before her. Without further adieu I bring you the infamous "sausage" episode:


Brooke said...

Oh, man! I loved Sam when I was a kid! :)

Chef was the bomb, yo.

Chuck said...

Brooke, waht do you mean when you were a kid? You outgrew them? I like the two old men sitting in the balcony making fun of the show.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Bring back the Muppets to network TV!

Anonymous said...

I like "Elmo's got a gun"!

I also like Muppet Christmas Carol.

Ryan Roe said...

I love that clip too. Here's some useless information on it:

That's Muppet Show writer Chris Langham. Richard Pryorscheduled to appear on the show that week, but for whatever reason he was unable to do the show, so they came up with the idea of Langham appearing as a messenger who gets drafted into the guest-star role.

My favorite part is his "Time Machine" bit.

The Merry Widow said...

MM, is going to KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that you love her!
You searched and searched...and found her missing episode...dedication, I appreciate that in a man!
Say "HI!", to her for me, after she stops laughing!


Steph said...


This one was a favorite of mine. I watched The Muppets religiously. The babies are hysterical in this...


mystic minstrel said...

well, i finally stopped (slowed down actually) laughing and called my brother - explaining that whatever he was doing was less important than checking out papa's latest post...and now i am finally sober enough to comment on my husband's wonderful act of chivalry.

i am ultimately honored and happy as a lark that this episode truly exists after over twenty years of telling the story...and that is your sausage, is it not?

hee, hee, hee

mystic minstrel said...

oops. and hi back at ya mw!

Anonymous said...

America needs the Muppets back!!


Miss Piggy!!