For My Friend Salubrina

In the spirit of retro-week here at Papa's I am including three things brought up by Salubrina at my friend Steph's place. Our childhoods must have been somewhat similar.


Salubrina said...

papa frank,

you are the best blog friend a girl could have. :-) hee hee

i've been trying to post with videos all week, but haven't been able to upload videos using real player. how do you upload videos using something other than real player?

thanks again. after the !#$*(&^@*! &#$)(*&@ my week has been (feel free to insert your favorite obscenities and profanities), it sure was nice to sit at the computer, catch up on my blog reading, and find this tonight. very cool.

Papa Frank said...

You're welcome! And pretty amazing that you happened by as I only posted this about 5 minutes ago.

Salubrina said...

hey, what can i say, i'm cool like that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Friday night, 1980,
The Muppet Show

Night Rider ? maybe? (bad memory)

Dukes of Hazzard


Oh...milk and spaghetti-O's.